Meural pushes the Art World forward

Meural offers the best of Art with none of the hassle, and continues to innovate in an underdeveloped market.

Meurals Mission:

“If you didn’t have a chance to snag Picasso’s “Femme Assise” at auction in June, have no fear because digital canvas maker Meuralhas a solution to your art cravings.

Meural is a digital canvas that convincingly looks like any other framed picture, except that it can display over 20,000 works of art, including photography, and at $495 is currently much cheaper…”

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Tobly is the Solution to a Construction Companys Problems

Tobly offers an impeccable service in a growing sector. They continue to be at the cutting edge of the market.

Toblys Mission:

“Construction requires some very specific tools and heavy equipment and while you may be able to borrow certain things, you can’t always jimmy out a forklift from your neighbors. So what is the ideal solution for renting construction equipment? The answer is Tobly. It’s dubbed as an one-of-a-kind rental platform connecting niche machinery to buildings; guaranteeing the best rates. So the next time you need a scissor lift, backhoe, or boom lift, you will know where to go.”

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AllTheRooms is the Pokemon Go Enthusiasts Savior

The Google of Room finding services has developed a new feature. AlltheRooms continues to innovate and stay up to date with the needs of its consumers.

Pokemon Go:

“For travelers seeking to score some out-of-town Pokémon with the popular Pokémon Go game, the search engine has added a PokéView filter. Though the Pokémon critters tend to move around, using the filter during a room search shows the number of Pokémon within a radius of about 500 feet at the time of the search, specifying the type and number of Pokémon in that range. “

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Twilio goes big in IPO splash

Authy and Twilio continue to impress as the IPO hits. Watch the rise of a new giant in tech.

Twilio IPO:

“Twilio’s initial public offering marks the first U.S. venture-backed tech IPO of 2016. It entered the market on a day filled with uncertainty as the world awaits the outcome of the U.K.’s referendum on its European Union membership.

The San Francisco-based Twilio has grown quickly by selling software that helps companies communicate with customers using voice, video and messaging in an anonymized manner. Uber, OpenTable, and Nordstrom are some of the company’s clients.”

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Fusar Impresses with Awards and Engineering

Fusar strives to make the world a safer place. Starting with the essential gear for every action sport enthusiast.

Fusar’s Story:

“He had been hit by a car, and this time it was bad. Shearman waited more than an hour for an ambulance to arrive — a delay Shearman said was caused by heavy traffic and incorrect directions from the driver who hit him. “There’s a saying in the motorcycle world, “It’s not if, but when,'” said Shearman, who escaped the crash with a concussion and a hip contusion. He decided to make something out of the scary experience, so he created a technology hardware company called Fusar, which designs products to make action sports more fun and safer.”

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Fusar Wins the 2016 IoT Body Product Award:

The Fusar Mohawk continues to generate praise and keep people safe in its latest iteration. Strapped to your wrist, concealed in your clothes, or clipped to your keychain, the Connected Body award gives kudos to those devices you’d feel naked without.”

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Bluesmart expands its product line: Black Edition


Bluesmart expands its product line to the new “Black Edition”. Bluesmart continues to deliver top quality products that are essential to the modern traveler.

The Black Edition:

“The Black Edition puts design top of mind, adding higher-value materials and more attention to detail to the already-smart suitcases so it looks and feels like a luxury item. The Black Edition is completely redesigned from earlier models, with a soft/hard hybrid exterior made of nylon and polyester, plus a double-layer PU coating. This keeps the suitcase from getting scratched, and also makes it water-resistant.”

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