BetaBoston: Sunu launches sonar wristband that will help blind and visually-impared people navigate

Hailing from Mexico, Sunu launches sonar wristband, the ‘fitbit’ for the visually impaired.

Navigating city streets, public transportation, and unfamiliar buildings can be challenging for the blind and visually-impaired.

“On trash day, you may run into trash cans that aren’t ordinarily there. You may hit tree branches or signposts,” says Fernando Albortorio, co-founder and CEO of Sunu. Not to mention standing in front of an elevator wondering if the doors have opened yet. Albortorio is legally blind, but he doesn’t like to stand out by using a cane.

The company says it can price the wristband at $250 — and with high-volume production, Albortorio says it will become much more affordable. Sunu, originally hatched in Mexico, hopes to raise $50,000 in a campaign on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

Read the story on BetaBoston and check out their Indiegogo campaign


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