Fusar Impresses with Awards and Engineering

Fusar strives to make the world a safer place. Starting with the essential gear for every action sport enthusiast.

Fusar’s Story:

“He had been hit by a car, and this time it was bad. Shearman waited more than an hour for an ambulance to arrive — a delay Shearman said was caused by heavy traffic and incorrect directions from the driver who hit him. “There’s a saying in the motorcycle world, “It’s not if, but when,'” said Shearman, who escaped the crash with a concussion and a hip contusion. He decided to make something out of the scary experience, so he created a technology hardware company called Fusar, which designs products to make action sports more fun and safer.”

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Fusar Wins the 2016 IoT Body Product Award:

The Fusar Mohawk continues to generate praise and keep people safe in its latest iteration. Strapped to your wrist, concealed in your clothes, or clipped to your keychain, the Connected Body award gives kudos to those devices you’d feel naked without.”

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