From Medellín to the world: paisa startups face no limits for global expansion


Medellín is becoming a propitious environment for the development of fast growing startups with global potential as well as a technical talent multiplier.

Although Socialatom Ventures’ invests in all of Latin America and the U.S., last year it launched a special partnership with the city of Medellin through the local entity Ruta N to support startups.

“Andrés Barreto, CEO of Socialatom Ventures, seed capital fund and Ruta N ally, has recognized the value of these startapps which raised national and international funds thanks to their global potential.”

The partnership has proven very successful and above all a reflection of what Medellin is trying to achieve: public-private cooperation to promote innovation.

So far, a handful of global startups with products developed 100% in Medellín, including AllTheRooms, Viajala, Typic and Bankity, have raised together over 4.4 millions of dollars. Typic alone has over 3 millions users who shared more than 50 thousand photos and Bankity has processed over 50 thousands transactions with electronic money.

Full article on El Colombiano (Spanish)


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