Auctio boosts ROI through generating high-quality leads for sales and marketing teams in enterprise companies. The platform launches and optimizes incentive-based referral and cross-selling programs that engage front-line employees as well as outside influencers in the lead generation process, and motivate them along the way.

Auctios goal is to assist companies with tapping into an exceptional source of qualified leads to increase revenue and develop new markets. While referrals have been shown to be one of the highest converting sources of leads and 91% of customers say that they’d give referrals, only 11% of salespeople ask for them.

Auctios SaaS referral management platform introduces the right incentives to the right employees and outside influencers to allow them to identify business opportunities and submit qualified leads. Auctio is designed to be a strategic, long-term marketing initiative for businesses and a NEW marketing channel for Sales and Marketing teams.