The Angel Partner Program:

The Socialatom Angel Partner Fund is the first in-depth investment vehicle for venture finance in Latin America, allowing business executives access to deal flow and direct experience normally available only in leading global startup hubs such as Silicon Valley. Through this program, Angel partners will acquire the requisite knowledge,track record and personal branding to distinguish themselves as world-class investors in global startups, and through their work with the Socialatom partners will establish ongoing access to deals that would otherwise be difficult to receive.

Latin American entrepreneurs are creating world-class global companies, and many leading startups in the USA are recruiting top talent from across the region as well. Unfortunately, most of the resulting value created is not being shared by Latin American investors. This program aims to change that through a co-investment vehicle and co-learning experience with Socialatom to allow Latin American investors to compete for the best deals in the world, to maximize their investment performance through sophisticated portfolio strategies and to add value to the portfolio companies.

The First ‘Executive MBA’ for Venture Investors in Latin America

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Angel Partner Benefits

Knowledge and experience

Learn directly alongside Socialatom’s international team of investors, entrepreneurs, executives, technology experts and media professionals on all aspects of investing in and adding value to world-class startups. Involvement in the educational component is at the discretion of each investor and is of course based on each person’s schedule; the extent of your involvement is your personal choice though it is highly recommended that you take advantage of it.

Investment Returns and Diversification

The Socialatom team has a track record of investing in some of the top-performing startups in the USA and Latin America, and employs an extensive team, media infrastructure and network of allies to help grow their portfolio companies. Through the co-investment vehicle, Angel Partners will achieve geographic and industry diversification across top global companies.

Branding and ongoing access to top deal flow

Through Socialatom’s influence within the startup and VC communities in the USA and Latin America, as well as its media allies and infrastructure (explained below), the Angel Partners will receive the branding necessary to distinguish themselves among the world’s top venture investors.

All media and branding is done in strict cooperation with the Partners, and individual names will never be used in public without express consent. It is likewise possible to brand someone in the world of startups and venture finance without being too open to the general public.

Opportunities and competitiveness for your own business

Digital technology is not a sector in itself but rather a tool for all sectors, from agriculture to finance and logistics. An IBM global study of 1,500 CEOs on the factors expected to most impact their businesses found that ‘technological factors’ rose from their sixth-most to second-most cited concern from 2004 to 2010.1

Regardless of one’s area of focus, digital technology will have profound impact in both expected and unexpected ways. Investing in high-growth startups not only brings diversification and a hedge against technological change, but affords a close view of new technologies that may prove relevant to one's own business. Startups are always looking to do business with large companies, and are often acquired due to the value of their technology and team.

Benefits post-program

All Partners will continue as friends and allies with Socialatom to receive everything from investment opportunities to any assistance Socialatom can provide in their own business’s strategies with using digital technology.

Program Director & Methodology

Erik Stettler - Program Chair

The program is led by Socialatom Director Erik Stettler in the style of the Harvard Business School case method, through which the Partners will study and debate cases written by Erik on real situations being faced by the portfolio companies.

Erik holds an MBA from Harvard with Distinction, was among a small portion of students chosen by his professors as an official departmental tutor in finance and international business and economics, and is coordinating with professors of the school to help modernize and globalize the entrepreneurship curriculum.

Through this approach, the Partners will confront real­ world situations facing these companies and will even directly advise the founders on courses of action to take.


Previous Portfolio Samples

Sample of previous companies in which Angel Partners invested and worked on business cases as they unfolded real-time. These companies demonstrate that startups are a diverse group of companies that cut across different types of business models and sectors, using technology to solve some of the most important problems facing the world today.  


In 2012 Ryan Shearman was nearly killed when a vehicle rear­-ended his motorcycle. Motorcycles suffer from an accident rate 37x higher than cars per mile traveled in the USA , with the vast majority of accidents coming from collisions with other vehicles. This experience led Ryan to found Fusar Technologies, maker of the world’s most advanced smart motorcycle helmet to use augmented reality for collision avoidance and navigation.

The first Angel Fund was among the first investors in Fusar’s seed round, which went on to close $1.1 million over the next four months, win ‘Most Promising Hardware Startup’ in New York’s Startup Weekend and achieve many important business advances. In November of 2015, Fusar launched its campaign to begin receiving pre-­orders, and received over $150,000 in orders in only its first week.


Stabilitas is a mobile application and software interface that allows companies and organizations to monitor the safety of their team members.  The three co-founders have all encountered the matter of security for people under their care as high-level commanders with the US Special Forces and with substantial private sector experience as well.  

The CEO was one of the top commanders of the US Special Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, serving with such distinction that General Petraeus then personally wrote his letter of recommendation to do his joint masters at Harvard Business and Kennedy Schools.  

The app allows for tracking the security of team members in terms of  what is happening around them (alerts for security threats in terms of natural disasters, incidents or unrest) and what is happening to them directly.  One can instantly request check-ins, forward information on security risks and establish a 'geo-fence' which will send an instant alert if a team member leaves the established area. The app does however strongly respect privacy, and team members can activate a ‘privacy mode’ that only gives their location within a certain larger radius and without compromising the overall security features.

The first Angel Fund has invested along with leading US and international investors, and Socialatom has been working very closely with the team to build its client base among large companies operating in Latin America, as well as its media exposure.

Stabilitas Screenshot


Bluesmart aims to rid the world of lost luggage while also introducing the ability to charge your devices and track your traveling activity via the world’s first intelligent luggage.  

Shortly after Socialatom’s investment, Bluesmart went on to execute over $2 million in pre-sales in four months in one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in history, enter Y Combinator (the most prestigious startup program in the world) and receive over $11.5 million from leading investors around the world.  

The CEO Diego Saez-Gil is originally from Argentina, along with a substantial part of their developer team.  


Authy was founded by Daniel Palacio in Bogota to provide two-factor authentication for cyber-security and has its entire developer team in Colombia.

Authy completed Y Combinator - the most prestigious accelerator in Silicon Valley with an acceptance rate of less than 3%, raised 2.5 million dollars in only a couple of weeks from leading global investors for a total of $5m in funding, and was subsequently acquired by Twilio - a leading cloud communications company in San Francisco valued at over $1 billion.


LendingFront is solving the tremendous global economic problem of insufficient lending from the financial sector to small & medium enterprises (SME's).  Currently, financial institutions rely on credit-scoring and other analytics models that are designed for much larger companies when considering the applications for financing from PyMes and when managing the portfolio of loans.   LendingFront is the first platform built specifically to allow financial institutions to directly assess the credit-worthiness of SME's and to manage their portfolio of executed loans.

Dario the CTO was previously a key element at OnDeck Capital where he helped the platform deploy over $1 billion dollars in small business loans and on the track for a successful IPO.

Jorge Sun the CEO before creating LendingFront, served as Chief Credit Officer, and helped OnDeck complete an Initial Public Offering (IPO) that raised over $200 million.

Socialatom was the first investor in LendingFront.  Subsequent to its investment, the company went on to bring on several leading financial institutions as pilot clients, raise approximately $1 million from top New York investors and win the 2015 BBVA OpenTalent competition across other financial-technology (“fintech”) startups across the United States, bringing a EUR 30,000 prize and agreement for a project together with BBVA.

Lendingfront Application

Who is right for the program

This fund seeks global-minded business executives who intend to use the knowledge, experience and resources gained to continue as active investors and mentors to Latin America’s next generation of global entrepreneurs. Previous expertise with digital technology is absolutely not required, nor is it the most important theme discussed. Startups are a business like any other and must navigate matters of recruiting, fundraising and financial strategies, sales and marketing and product vision.

The program consists of contributing to a co-investment vehicle with Socialatom and undertaking an educational component designed to build expertise and track record. Involvement in the educational component is at the discretion of each investor and is carefully based on their schedule. Investor accreditation is required to qualify. 

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