The Digital Entrepreneurship Center (Centro de Desarrollo de Negocios Digitales) is an initiative in partnership between Socialatom Ventures and the city of Medellin’s innovation agency Ruta-N.

The center contributes to the economic development of the city by promoting tech entrepreneurship and connecting the city’s top entrepreneurial and engineering talent to top global companies, capital and markets.

The Program by the Numbers:

Although the center is only two years old, it has already backed over 40 companies hailing from Europe, Latin America and the U.S., these are the results of it’s first two years for the time periods of 2014-2015, 2015-2016:




Funds raised


Jobs Created


Aggregate Valuation

For 2016-2017 the center is expanding it’s reach to help even more entrepreneurs with two programs:

Global Growth

Intended for startups with an existing global product looking to scale, the Global Growth Program is centered around providing capital and personalized advisory services focused on growth.


  • $40M COP Grant by the City of Medellin
  • Eligible for up to $50k USD investment by Socialatom Ventures
  • $100k in Cloud and Hosting Services
  • Free co-working for two in Medellin for six months
  • Socialatom Ventures full suite of advisory services.



  • Advisory Agreement with Socialatom Ventures that vests over 12 months. (We have to earn it!)
  • Full-time commitment by all founders to the company


What will improve your chances:

  • You or your co-founder is able to write software
  • You are solving a problem you've lived yourself
  • You've managed to build a version of the product


Read more about the Global Growth Program

Launch Program

The Launch Program is designed to help entrepreneurs launch global products from day one. From prototyping to incorporating in the U.S. and fundraising, all in eight weeks, free of charge.


  • Free co-working for two in Medellin for six months
  • Weekly Workshops and Office Hours
  • Assistance with legal & fundraising



  • Week 1: Recruiting & Scaling Teams
  • Week 2: Identifying Problems to Solve
  • Week 3: Building your product
  • Week 4: Product Launch
  • Week 5: Iteration + Pivots
  • Week 6: Growth + Marketing
  • Week 7: Raising capital; Angels & Accelerators
  • Week 8: Negotiating Term Sheets


What will improve your chances:

  • You have the ability to build software products.


Apply to the Global Growth Program

Deadline: May 1st

Apply to the Launch Program

Deadline: January 21th


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