Launch Program

The Launch Program is designed to help entrepreneurs in Medellin launch global products from day one. From prototyping to incorporating in the U.S. and fundraising, all in eight weeks, free of charge. This is part of the Digital Entrepreneurship Center, a partnership between Ruta-N Medellin and Socialatom Ventures.

When: Tuesday, 7:00pm-9:00pm (every Tuesday during 8 weeks). Application deadline is January 21, 2017)
Where: AtomHouse Medellin, Calle 8 # 43a-49

Applications were closed on January 21st and we have started the evaluation of the candidates. We will be sending the response of the teams admitted before January 30th.

Program start date: February 7



  • Weekly Workshops and Office Hours
  • Access to the Socialatom Mentorship Network
  • Free Admission to Socialatom Group and partner events
  • Free co-working for two in Medellin for six months
  • U.S. Legal & Incorporation Assistance



Week 1: Team

  • Attributes of a co-founder
  • Identifying the top candidates from your life
  • Recruiting & Stock Compensation

Week 2: Problem

  • Identifying problems from your own experience
  • Refining the problem to its core (e.g., 'the five whys')
  • Determining the angle of attack using technology

Week 3: Product

  • Attributes of a Minimum Viable Product
  • Tools available and how to select among them
  • Principles of User Experience (UX)

Week 4: Launch

  • Prioritizing of things to be validated
  • Constructing the most effective & low-cost hypothesis
  • Experiment design & defining success / validation

Week 5: Iteration

  • Analyzing feedback and experiment results
  • Making product iterations
  • Designing the next experiment

Week 6: Growth

  • Principles of PR
  • Online marketing & SEO
  • Viral product strategies (e.g., referral programs)

Week 7: Capital

  • Legal Incorporation
  •  Assistance with Funds and Accelerator Applications
  • Round Structure

Week 8:Negotiation

  • Overview of key contractual clauses
  • Review of examples real term sheets
  • Negotiating term sheets - simulation


Frequently Asked Questions



Q: When do the workshops occur?
A: Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm

Q: Where do the workshops take place?
A: AtomHouse Medellin, Calle 8 #43a-49

Q: Is there a fee? Do I have to give up equity?
A: No, thanks to our partnership with Ruta-N, it is completely free.

Q: Do I need to have a co-founder?
A: No


Q: Do I need to have an idea?
A: No 

Q: Do I need to be full-time with my startup? 
A: No

Q: Do I need to have a working prototype?
A: No

Q: Will I have one-on-one access to the mentors?
A: Yes, you'll have the ability to book office hours





Andres Barreto

Andres Barreto

Andres Barreto

Founder & Partner
Andres Barreto is a seed investor and entrepreneur founder of Socialatom Group, Grooveshark, PulsoSocial and Onswipe. With Socialatom Group he has built or invested in over 45 companies. He is a founding fellow of Non-Profit Coderise. BusinessWeek’s top 25 under 25, MIT Tech Review Top 10 Innovators under 35, Inc Magazine’s Top 30 under 30.

Erik Stettler

Erik Stettler 

Erik is an expert in finance, data science and business strategy whose experience includes helping leading financial institutions respond to major crises in the global markets, building new companies and organizations, contributing to finance literature and facilitating international business ties. As Partner of Socialatom Ventures, Erik has helped build and oversee a portfolio of over thirty global startups from across the Americas, working with the founding teams in all aspects of their business development, financial and fundraising strategies.

Elise Baros Marchese


As Portfolio Manager, Elise helps startups survive The Valley of Death Curve, a stage when most startups fail, by working with founders to overcome obstacles involving capital growth and traction limitations.

Prior to joining Firstrock Capital, Elise ran investor relations for Dinner Lab, a US based startup, helping the company raise $10M USD in funding and grow to a $30M valuation. She specializes in business development and strategy.

Jessica Mercedes


Jessica Mercedes is an expert in Technical & Executive Recruiting and Public Relations for startups both in Latin America and in the U.S. Jessica serves as managing director of PulsoSocial and  

Previously, Jessica worked with Socialatom PR, a public relations firm that helps companies enter the Latin American market, and worked with firms like Rackspace, Google, Netflix and HotelTonight. Before entering the world of tech and entrepreneurship, Jessica worked with consumer brands like Corona, Pepsi and Presidente in the Dominican Republic.

Edgard Duque


Edgard helps founders expand internationally and solving operational and marketing challenges as they enter different regions. Edgard has experience in investment and private banking in NYC and Miami focusing on Latin American companies, as well as consulting experience in the Middle East (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Oman) and India. 


Hernando Barreto 

Serial entrepreneur and Electrical Engineer with extensive executive experience creating, growing and selling technology companies in Latin America, Asia and the U.S.  Hernando helps founders manage their growth in multiple geographies, advising in operations, legal and financial matters.  Hernando is also an expert in hardware manufacturing, supply chain management, fin-tech, and security. 

Maria Luisa Villalba 


Maria Luisa is managing director of Socialatom PR, a public relations firm that has helped companies like Airbnb, Google Developer Relations, Rackspace, and Netflix expand internationally. She has deep experience in building and executing strategies on developer, media, influencer and government relations and has helped many founders reach mass audiences internationally. 

Andres Rojas 

Engineer in Residence 
Andres is a Full Stack Engineer and Entrepreneur with 9+ years building software and companies. Experience with backend (MongoDB, Node.js,, Python, RedShift, REDIS, MySql, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, GULP, Bower, NPM) front-end (Angular.js, Ember.js, D3.js, Bootstrap, Phonegap / Cordova, Ionic Framework, AlaSQL), and infrastructure (AWS, Linux, PM2, Forever, Load Balancing) and constantly improving skills in Big Data, IT Recruiting and Technical Debt Management.



This program is available free of charge, no fees, no equity required. The only requirement is that you do not miss any workshop, and that you can set at least two hours a week to participate in the workshops and office hours. 

What will help your chances of getting in (not a requirement) is if you or your co-founder can write software. 


January 21th, 2017


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