Telefonica announced that it will partner with Bluesmart


Good news Mondays!

Today in the Web Mobile Congress Telefonica announced that it will partner with Bluesmart “The intelligent suitcase”. The operator will be providing Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity for Bluesmart’s upcoming smart luggage.

With this amazing news Bluesmart assure their customers that they will be able to follow  their suitcase through their smartphone wherever it goes.

diego saenz

“Our mission at Bluesmart is to empower travelers and make the planet a smarter and more connected place,” Saez-Gil says.

It is now official that many of these functionalities will be enabled by a Telefónica­powered SIM card that Bluesmart will include inside of its luggage. The chip will be connected via 3G to Telefónica’s M2M network, making it theoretically possible for Bluesmart’s clients to track their suitcases at all times. “With this partnership, we hope to reduce the hassle that travelers have to experience when airlines lose their bags,” Bluesmart’s co-founder and CEO Diego Saez-­Gil explains.

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From Medellín to the world: paisa startups face no limits for global expansion


Medellín is becoming a propitious environment for the development of fast growing startups with global potential as well as a technical talent multiplier.

Although Socialatom Ventures’ invests in all of Latin America and the U.S., last year it launched a special partnership with the city of Medellin through the local entity Ruta N to support startups.

“Andrés Barreto, CEO of Socialatom Ventures, seed capital fund and Ruta N ally, has recognized the value of these startapps which raised national and international funds thanks to their global potential.”

The partnership has proven very successful and above all a reflection of what Medellin is trying to achieve: public-private cooperation to promote innovation.

So far, a handful of global startups with products developed 100% in Medellín, including AllTheRooms, Viajala, Typic and Bankity, have raised together over 4.4 millions of dollars. Typic alone has over 3 millions users who shared more than 50 thousand photos and Bankity has processed over 50 thousands transactions with electronic money.

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Streem Acquirer Box Inc, goes public and shares pop 70%


Last June, Box acquired Streem, a Socialatom Ventures’ portolio startup that allows customers to stream files to their desktop environments, a product that is now part of Box’s larger offerings:

Although questions had arisen about how Box’s initial public offering would fare, public investors gave the company a warm welcome on Friday, its first day of trading.

Shares in Box, the online file storage company, opened at $20.20 on Friday morning, 44 percent higher than its I.P.O. price of $14 a share.

The stock continued to surge to close the day at $23.23, up nearly 66 percent, giving the company a market value of $2.7 billion. At that level, the start-up has surpassed the $2.4 billion valuation that it fetched in its most recent private financing round last summer.

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